I belive in Female’s clothing

female cloth01

Forged Chaos LLC, is a game studio with a bad reputation. Somewhere on the net I found people refferring at them as “Kickstarter’s major scam”.

Sure these guys are not popular in the indie scene, due the fact they are around since 2006 with the Trials of Ascension’ project but for years there was nothing but words. Theire Kickstarter’s campeign was closed because too far from the goal of $ 750’000. They were full of ambitions, with an overengeneered plan, and failed.

Well, last week I found their job offer for Trial of Ascension concept pieces. As I always do before apply for a work I looked for information about them, and got scared about their bad reputation. If the indie world was mocking them, even to get that job would have not even been something to be proud on my CV… And would have they never pay me for my job? I wanted not to work for LOSERS…

I was so worried about my professionality but I was not behaving professional.

The facts were:

  1. On ToA site most of the promo arts were weak, and I was sure I could have made something better.
  2. The Forged Chaos studio was still intentioned to make his game, and under payment I was able to give ’em what they need.
  3. Everyone want to work for amazing studios: I meant to work for a scam studio and raise his name with my arts.

Sure it was a risk, but I would have been payed for that. I asked my price, and they requested me for characters’ clothing and armors colored sketches. This is the second piece I made today for ToA. To belive in our own skills means to have vision about ourself and others, not just for the things we do.




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