Wizards’ Duel: first promo art


This is the first official promo art I made for http://wizardsduelgame.wordpress.com/

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I love this sensation. When you look to your own work and you feel like: <<this is it. I’ve nailed the idea I had in my mind>>. It rarely happens, doesn’t matter how much passionate you are about that thing, but this is that time. In last month I developed my vision of our two main characters, with their background and story, their look and outfits, hood, hat and staffs, and… here we go. After some sketches (that I will show you somedays), I needed soon to focus on their faces. I’m a pro portraitist and I’m confy to show souls through physiognomy, and I was so curious to know more about our two wizards. I love the determinated calm coming from the Wise Old Sage, and the aggressive exotic power emanate from the Cruel Young Mage. Sure they have names, and soon I will tell you more about ‘em, and I will show you their transition into pixel art 32*32 px. In the meantime just enjoy this first promo poster and let me know what you think about it!

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