City of Brass – Thumbnails

Last week a friend and I started a new blog for our indie game: Wizards’ Duel. As art director, artist and composer I will have a bunch of things to do in next months. I will show you my best results here too, but if you are interessed in videogames, fantasy and concept art, you should really follow us. 

Fire thumbs01sIn a nutshell, the game will be about two wizards duelling for their own reasons, collecting spirits around the known-world for the last fight. So my work will be to illustrate the different stages the player will face, but for now we chose to focus on the fire level, and this is the environmental ideas I got in 9 thumbs. Based on the arabian fabulous City of Brass, the fire level will extend in a Vulcan Core at the World’s End. Infested by insidious FireFlys, the evil Thugs, Flame Hound and Salamanders, through lava pool and precious scorched hall, will be a challange to find the dominator spirit of this realm… Will you beat the Efreet in the core of his lair?





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