Temple of A Hundred Relics

TempleofHundredsRelicsJapanAthena03 When the Enviroment of the Week’s moderator (Hi Vulgar!) asked me to give him a theme for the new challange I was so excited. He put it on ConceptArt.org and the people started to sketches and build up things… But I was so busy with commissions and family that I had no even the time to doddle. Then I was also stucked. My last post, the Fallen Angel has been a miliar stone for me, an important step in my digital knowledge. So I was like “I have to make new works like that”, “I can’t go wrong now!”…So with all this self hype I wasn’t even able to switch on the wacom. Then yersterday, late in the night, I realized today was the deadline! I was so ashamed to put not my work on the theme I proposed that I started a photobash and in 3 hours I got this. I am happy with it. Industries ask for speed and quality, and that’s what I wanna give em!

Temple of A Hundred Relics – Hall of the Jade Queen
By the jade statue of Hihilasa XX Queen of Tikot and its liberator, sleep her children: Alodaru and Ithena, The Married Brothers. They gave a long peace to Tikot after the Queen free it, and were hailed as saints by their people. So in Temple of A Hundred Relics, Red Monks guards their bodies, and all the objects and things that belonged to them. Every year thousands of people come here to kiss and touch the blessed royal family.



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