Fallen Angel WIP

fallen angel03  This week on Concept Art I had to confrontate with a classic clichet in fantasy illustration: the Fallen Angel. Here is the brief:

Fallen Angel of the Broken Death Gate
It pains the higher gods to be forced to send, a once loyal guardian, to the abyss. There is no forgiveness for the divine which breaks the laws and the only mercy they receive is an eternity of servitude in the underworld. Forever trapped, as warrior servants of the vile death god. There is a broken gate which the death god sends the fallen to stand guard, so that none of the higher gods may enter and try to kill him. The angels are unable to escape and have no choice but to serve.

The fallen angel’s wings bare the scars of ill treatment and slowly become discolored. Their once beautiful complexion is now cover in wounds from being beaten by the minions of death. And they are forced to use weapons where the hilts/handles stab into their hands when held.

fallen angel04

I’ve started withscrabbled thumbs that I was not satisfied with. I’ve looked for references for a nice pose, a male with a sword, but every pic I found was so obvious, humble and ungraced. So I’ve gone with a pose without reference. I draw since ’98, but I’ve been always binded to copy “dal vero” or from pictures. But it’s time to push my skills over, so… I’ve closed my eyes, descend in the darkness and walked the cinder path. From the first sketch I knew I found something good. The hardest thing is to be desciplined and tidy with layers and masks. I wanted to have a clean work with a pro impressive look.




fallen angel05

This is what I reached so far… I will post the finished one soon.




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