Steampunk Storm Chaser


This week Chow was a good challange to get a genere I’d like to work on: steampunk. But this time concept was not on steam but on the other  XIX century “magic power”. This is the theme written by moderator Havok Reed for all the illustrator in the challange:

“Storm chasing is just a hobby to some people, but then there are the serious pursuers of danger who seek to harness the power of the storms. Equipped with a large pack, to attract a lightning strike, it’s meant to hold the energy produced from the storm, like a battery. This energy is used to power their facilities. One strike is free power for a week, but they must keep up with the chase!”

I’ve worked on this for 4 hours, and I’m quiet happy with the final. I’ve choose to upload a bright simple animated gif, for a sure eye capturing effect. Oh, and the man’s face is inspired on Nicola Tesla portrait, the body is a study on Velazquez “portrait of Don Diego de Barberana”. The apparat on his pack it’s based on Tesla Coil, in this days built in Ohio for new study on thunders.


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