CHOW#351 – Boris the Lovable Bodyguard

Boris06ssThis week CHOW on Concept Art – This was the premise:

Some people who have money or power are usually targets for some sort of crime and usually hire a body guard for protection. Boris, is known in the criminal as someone not to mess with. If the price is right, he will protect any scumbag or royalty willing to pay him enough. He is imposing, dangerous, but something about him is just so charming! Physically intimidating, but somehow relate-able and approachable.

And this is a story I wrote for him. Enjoy!

The Client was shaking on the chair.
– Are we sure, he is the right man, Arcane?
Arcane the Vendor smiled.
You doubt because he never worked for you. Boris is able to tear down those Ukkamon heads with a bite.
– This is my worry. This time we’ll not break in and make their brain blow up with a shotgun, mi spiego? This time are buisness. Accurate and rigorous matters.
– You already explained – the Vendor said. But he known the italian would have continued his talking.
– A present mind is requested, more than a hair trigger, mi spiego? There will be the Black Emperor’s family. There are rules, etiquette, capisci? I would not make a bad impression! There are wifes, fiancèès, and the children…
– That’s why you need Boris.
Than Arcane’s eyes got attracted by the holoscreens. The full armored figure cross on the intercam’s monitor. Metal steps reverberate on the ante-room’ synthwood floor. Than the door opened like a steel flower and Boris came in, trample over the blu carpet with his spiked soles. He got a plasma minigun with him. Shielded by the neonvisor, his eyes rest on Arcane, than on the Client.
The italian man frown, looking at the red titanium armor. It was furrowed with many colored traces… The client stare at Arcane with interrogative face.
– Is a pleasure to see you again – the Vendor smiled. – I heard you came back on Earth for Easter.
– Ya – was the bold colossus’ answer. – But now me is here for job. Wanna hear about the mission.
– Hey, hold on, hold on… – the Client jump on his feet, hands taut forward. – Is this Boris?
Arcane assented with a smile. The italian open wide the eye, astonished.
– Are you kidding me? Is this the giant mercenary? The atrocious bodyguard? – The Client had a laugh, and claps his hands. – Did you find him at the nursery school?
The smile on Arcane’s face disappeared. Was never a good idea to laugh at a Contractor. – Boris, listen to me, the Client, he doesn’t know you…
Boris let the minigun fall with a rumble. He advanced towards the italian untill the neonvisor tint his round sweaty face.
– It’s just curiosity, eh! – the Clint tryed to explain. – They said you were a tough one, then you came here all doodle’up…
Boris freezed. He step beckward and look his own arms and the breast. Colored cholk’s draw whirled on the armor glaze. A little monkey face was smiling on his left arm, and a big heart on the right one. He smiled. – This are not doodles.
– Aren’t they? – the italian Client ask ironical.
– No. This are warpaint!



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