The Lost Stargazer CHow #347

gazer03<<And stop to pulse around, like a goddamn jelly bulb! There is only one positive side of being lost outtahere: loneliness. And yo’re crashing it! Talking to ya, lightpollutioner! Do you have ears? Can you hear me?!>>
The creature sneaked in Waali’s head with a whisper.
The Lone Star Gazer shuts it up with a hand movement.
<<Yeah, yeah… We’re friends, whatever you want, critter… Just stay away from mo brain with your psychopathic tele signal. Now, mon, turn off the light, relax, and lemme breathe all this stardust with my powerful laser eye!>>
He sets on the sand, and stares to the stars crowning the faraway human kingdom, where beloved still wait…>>


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