Slime Beast – Videogame Boss concept for COW

One shot one kill. I am so proud of it.

The first attempt I make in COW on is a victory.  I’m happy the community voted for my work, because is a good sign to buckle down and make it better every time. I love those guys.

Slime Worm (giant insect’s deadly symbiont).

1.LARVAL STATE – Slime Worm sneak into giant insect’s stomach with food. It attach there with a protective mucus and starts to grow, feeding with its host.
2.YOUNG STATE – Slime worm take his host alive, connecting nerves, and eating slowly, untill its bold enough. Than he divour by inside the host, and kill it.
3.ADULT STATE – Connected with the keratin insect body, able to use it, he has a solid protection to defense and hunt for food by his own legs through caves.



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