EoW #227 – Graveyard for Villains

On ConceptArt.org challanges are always on! Last week Environment of the Week’s moderator proposed to design and paint a Graveyard for Villains. Theme was great, because multiple interpretation was possible.

“Villains does not bury villains”
Why villains should have a graveyard? Gurbaga the Head, doesn’t care that much for his armys lifes, why should he care about their death? Gurbaga the Head laugh when he see humans digging graves. Iron is made for dig flash and blood, not earth. He laugh louder watching useless statues. Why should he spend gold for stone? Dead meat than Gurbaga cant eat, just need a hole to rest. A mass grave to rave.

I’ve started with a stone pit inspired to holy peruvian cage for sacrifice…

Cimiter VillainWIP

Then I turned it in a orkish massgrave

Cimiter Final03

At the moment I just got 3rd on poll, but it was real fun and instructive, expecially for the perspective I used. A nice experiment

Here you can find other’s amazing works!


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