Achab ravange!

AchabWIPCapitain Achab (a.k.a. Ahab), is a marvelous character from Melville novel Moby Dick. Stop to read, containing SPOILER!  At the end of story we know, the tormented capitain, with a last arpoon shot strike the big white whale. But the weapon’s rope entangle him and bring him down the boat, and Ahab disappears in the bubbling sea. Well, at for Character of the Week contest, they bring up the theme: Ahab waterlogged zombie. Our struggling seawolf with a pegleg, come back for ravange! I’m not that much in zombies and horror fiction, but it was a good challange for drow something normally I would not.  Here is the work in progress for mine.

If you never saw Ahab, played by Gregory Peck, this is your chance! Look the video!


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