Niordheim: warewolf clichè!

Niordheim2013_01I love clichè. They give you opportunity to be creative with overused tropes and characters and try to overturn em. I’ve painted this one today with my new Wacom. He’s Niordheim, a warewolf orphan. As a ranger (if we are talking about D&D classes), he’s peculiar, in fact he can’t step nears animals because his licantropy. In addiction he’s not the classic “ranged ranger”. He’s not good at bows, neither use the two weapons style. He just have a simple sword for everyday, and the “Drajersker” for bosses. He dislike to chat (obvious) but he love to read(overturn!). He misantropous, but still is a very good friend for who can stand his long silence. By the way in fullmoon he kills anybody =).


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