Zage: my exotic male chauvinist sorcerer.

I started to play Zage in 2005, in a D&D campaign. He started just to be a PC for some sessions, but I liked him so much than I started to write a book with his adventures. You can find the book here:

Basically “Zage by Valglaukos” is a rage sorcer (he gain magic power from his frenzy), a mage clichè. But the flavour make him special. He is very femminine for his visual usage (he make up his eyes, he like to dress with silk and satin, he cares a lot of his expect and hair), but coming from a patriarcal tribe he is male chauvinist, and raciest too. Still he his good hearted, but often his quest for power make him to be a real jack ass. More, he loves everything is expensive and need to be respected as a sage. He can summon the lighting, and blue fire, but for take control of magic he have to mantain chastity… Oh, I love this character.



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