Marilith: the beauty of evil

06MerilithFor years it was very hard to find quality fantasy picture around, even on the net. When D&D 3.0 cames out it had alot of good illustrations exept a few. But on the monster manual Marilith was not even pictured. It was a sin, cos this demon join a snake and a woman body six armed, a good challange for every illustrator. In 3.5 they put a quite good picture on the manual, and on the net begun to circulate a lot of nice image of this demon. In the past I used to prove my self with a superfast Photoshop collage for give an impression of this monster to my players. I wanted Marilith to be like a sexual trap, like a killer dancer in a club, even grotesque. I really like the ambient, with the dark loggia on the back and demon’s metal jewel made in a second with photoship finger.


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