Juggernaut is coming!

09 KromirIn Magic the Gatherin, card game, one of my fav card was The Juggernaut. When I was a baby I got mesmerized not by the card itself, nor the illustration but by the name. THE JUGGERNAUT. It sound like something unstoppable, and it is. The name is coming by an humongous indian chariot sacred to Shiva, and in the past most pious people get themself run down for please the god. In my book, Il Teorema del Disordine, one of the biggest enemy is a undead warrior called Kromir, coming up on his ginormous Juggernaut. When I described it first time in the book, my friends perception of it was very different from mine. So i sketched a model, for describe it better. Kromir wears a dragonlike armor, and I tryed to put it on paper for clear my vision. I really got inspired by Sirio the Dragon armor (from Saint Seya manga), but in the final creation it will be not emerald but more cold and steely, and with a very adult apparance surrounded by corpses and blood. Juggernaut is coming!


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