Gadel Oman: from Spear to Knight in Sour Armour

10GadelWow, I love tropes. From when I discover this approach to plot, characters and all other narrative fiction elements I’m thinking in these lines. It’s useful. Gadel Oman is a character from my book (Il Teorema del Disordine) a servant of the King in the name of law and good. But opposite to the major of paladin and good knights he’s not boring. He’s very smart, cunny, and loves jokes. He got the soul of the Bravi (from Manzoni Promessi Sposi), with mistical approach to war and life. Life and war will take him to become a little bit more sour, turning him in the Knight in Sour Armour. 

Despite this time I used a Poser puppet for the body, the column is made without any picture support, all from my brain. Hope you enjoy.


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